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Members of the Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network

Please click on the community or organisation name to find information on Community Safety initiatives and contact details, further information on how to become a member is available on the Structure page.

Safe Community Members

Support Organisation Members

Projected Safe Communities

  • Auckland, New Zealnd
  • Whakatane, New Zealand
  • South Waikato, New Zealand
  • Stratford, New Zealand
  • Westland New Zealand
  • Liverpool, Australia
  • Monash University, Australia
  • Mildura, Australia
  • Toowoomba, Australia
  • Ispwich, Australia
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Green River Area Development District, Kentucky, USA
  • Hanover Park, Illinois, USA
  • Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas, USA
  • Lexington, Kentucky, USA
  • Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  • Midland, Michigan, USA
  • Monroe, Ohio, USA
  • Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA
  • University of Kentucky, USA
  • Halton Hills, Canada