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National Safe Community Accrediting Centres are the peak body for safe communities in their country.  They are the visible champion in community-based injury/violence prevention and safety promotion building local partnerships and collaborative relationships.  They ensure that communities adhere to the PPSCN international standards.   There is only one accrediting centre per country.  PPSCN currently has four accrediting centres who must abide by the PPSCN international standards.  The rules allow for other countries within the region to be included (via a membership vote).

PPSCN International Support Centres provide education, support, assistance and advice in injury/violence prevention and safety promotion to the communities in their country and the Pan Pacific region.  PPSCN International Support Centres work in conjunction with their national accrediting centre and are committed to the principles and framework of the PPSCN.  PPSCN International Support Centres are required to undergo an international peer-review process to become accredited.

To become a support centre please read the criteria